Warning: Please double-check your ClickBank ID. This launch is only open to white-listed affiliates, so we need the correct details

Dear VIP Affiliates & JV Partners

What do you get when one of the most successful marketers in the industry busts open the secrets to his extremely successful business model?

You get a high converting, killer launch that you are not going to want to miss!

Hey, Mark here, and I'm absolutely thrilled to be bringing you this incredible launch. I've been responsible for over $100,000,000 in online sales, and I'll be bringing all of that knowledge and experience in what I expect will be one of the most epic launches of the year!

We're giving away over $100,000 worth of prizes,$1,200+ in commissions for each sale, and most importantly, the whole funnel has been tested and shown to convert like gangbusters (I'm sure you'd expect nothing less from me)

So go ahead and enter you details in the box above, and we'll be sending you everything you need to have a very successful and very profitable launch.

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Warning: Please double-check your ClickBank ID. This launch is only open to white-listed affiliates, so we need the correct details

So What Is Learn Build Earn?

Learn Build Earn is the ultimate program for teaching anyone from absolute scratch, how to make a profitable income online through making and selling their own information products.

It starts from a newbie level, finding profitable niches, and covers a lot of ground throughout the program including trip wire offers, upsells, sales copywriting, building your website, how to construct a high value offer that customers love, traffic, and much much more.

Once we've covered the entry level stuff, Learn Build Earn then goes on to more advanced topics such as video sales letters, constructing more comprehensive offerings, recurring billing offers, progressing even into even more advanced topics such as high ticket programs and selling those via a webinar launch model.

This program is perfect for newbies. The 14 module program is ideal for anyone wanting to get started and make a day-job-quitting level income online. But it doesn't stop there, there's enough training and community support to take them to a millionaire status and beyond.

Additional bonuses and resources include the recordings from a live 'copywriting and conversions' event, filmed in Vancouver, Canada recently. High value private label resources that they can use as additional bonuses and/or upsells for their existing offers (they are not encouraged to use these as front end offers as I encourage them to be unique with those). And more.

Each LearnBuildEarn student will get access to:
- 14 modules of high quality video training (learning how to find profitable niches, create high quality information products that people want to buy, how to get affiliates on board to promote your stuff, how to make a continuity program, how to create upsell offers that people are desperate to add to their order)
- Exclusive LIVE bootcamp (watch Mark make a physical product front end product that backends to digital products for huge margins!)
- Exclusive bootcamp (watch Mark build a product and site in front of you, from scratch, copy what he does)
- Exclusive copywriting training
- Exclusive sales copy software
- Excellent support & community
- Access to done-for-you upsells, bonuses and recurring offers students can add into their own funnels to take their earnings to another level [Students will create their own front-end]

Please DO NOT Hesitate to Contact us!

Simply send Dan an email at danmattsonmarketing@gmail.com OR Skype Dan Mattson (daniel_mattson) for all your Joint Venture Questions, and he will get back to you ASAP.

Our Customer support email is: support@learnbuildearn.com

We THANK YOU for your support and can’t wait to provide your customers with great value while giving you an opportunity to earn solid commissions!

Warning: Please double-check your ClickBank ID. This launch is only open to white-listed affiliates, so we need the correct details

The Fine Print:

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  • The new FTC Guidelines for affiliate marketing came into effect on December 1st 2009. As an affiliate or JV partner for ‘Learn Build Earn’, you’ve read and fully agree to the terms listed on the Official FTC Website – https://www.ftc.gov/tips-advice/business-center/advertising-and-marketing to ensure that your promotions are compliant with the new guidelines.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO NEGATIVE MARKETING. No “This is a Scam” and turning around to promote the product with your affiliate link. This will not only get ALL commissions negated. You will not be allowed to promote any future products from our company.

Also, if not removed immediately, we reserve the right to take legal action. We’re not trying to be unfair or crude, but guys, come on, we have a right to protect our brand. That kind of marketing doesn't help anyone and isn’t fair to our company. Of course you’re entitled to your opinion, but we still have the right to protect how our affiliate links are used 😉

  • We have a minimum threshold of $200 in commissions for our monthly payout.
  • To be eligible for any lead prize, your conversion to sales must not be significantly below the average. This is at our sole discretion
  • All payments will be processed by ClickBank
  • Affiliate sales must follow all ClickBank rules and terms of service
  • Affiliates are not permitted to do use any keyword based advertising (such as search engine PPC) targeting a keyword of LearnBuildEarn (For example, you may not target the keyword "Learn Build Earn Review" in your PPC campaign).
  • Affiliates are not permitted to use domain names containing LurnBuildEarn. For example, you may not use learnbuildearnreview.net, because it has the term "LearnBuildEarn" in it, which is one of our brands..
  • You may not give away any of OUR material (for example eBook or report) under any circumstances without prior written consent. (for example, you may not collect an email address in exchange for our eBook).
  • Please make sure that your review/bonus site does not accidentally (or purposely) represent as us in any way - so using our logo on your page is probably fine, but in your header, maybe not - use your discretion.
  • You may not use your affiliate link on any of OUR pages (such as the comments section).
  • We don't allow cashbacks, rebates, giftcards, ipads etc.. Information product bonuses are allowed and encouraged.

During further review you may be asked for the following:

  • Your full name
  • Your phone number (in case we need to interview you)
  • Method of promo (i.e.: email marketing, Facebook, Solo, Blog, etc)
  • Proof of method(s) used to promo (snapshot of email list, Facebook ad, solo ad receipt, blog display, website, etc)

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